Since making Aliyah in 2019, Rabbi Dr. Alan Kimche has been invited as guest speaker to address communities across Israel, including Ra’anana, Netanya, Modi’in, and various communities around Jerusalem. He also speaks on a regular basis at Beit Knesset Beit HaNasi and at the OU Israel Center.

Rabbi Kimche gives a weekly Shiur at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem on “Great Jewish Thinkers”. Click here to watch videos of these shiurim. You can watch his Shiurim at Beit Knesset Beit HaNasi on their YouTube channel. You can find other shiur videos here and on Rabbi Kimche’s Facebook page.

In December 2021, Rabbi Kimche started a morning Kollel at the Hazvi Yisrael Synagogue at 14 Hovevei Zion Street in Rehavia, Jerusalem. The program currently starts at 9.30am with a shiur on the Rambam’s Hilchot Deot, followed by chavrusa preparation for the Gemara shiur on tenth perek of Masechet Pesachim, and a third shiur on contemporary halachic responsa. The program ends at 12.30pm with Mincha.

For details about joining this Kollel Boker, email kollelkimche(at)