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Dishwashers on Shabbat

Switching on a dishwashers on Shabbat involves the issur melacha of both ‘havarah’ -creating a fire, and ‘bishul’ – cooking the water. The first question which raises interesting issues is the use of a time switch which is set before Shabbat that will operate it on Shabbat. what are the halachic issues involved in this? Firstly there is …

Is a Two State Solution an Acceptable One?

DEBATE – 26 March 2017 Proposed by: Ambassador David Kornbluth, former Israel Negotiator with the Arab States and Ambassador of Israel to UNESCO; Defended by: Rabbi Alan Kimche. Moderating the Debate… Moderator: Tim Marshall Former Diplomatic Editor and Foriegn Correspondent of Sky News

Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai

Lag b’omer 5771 – some reflections on the profound contribution of R.Shimeon bar Yochai to the understanding of Torah Judaism. He is primarily known in his role as the father of the mystical kabbalistic tradition in Judaism, however R.Shimeon was also known as one of the most prominent Tannaim, authors of the mishna, and a …